Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun!

Carson had such a fun time this year at Easter. Every stage of his life gets more and more fun. The Easter Bunny came to see him early in the morning and he had fun digging out all the toys in his basket. Then we got dressed and met Grandmama, Grandpa, Mimi and Papa at church. After that we went to Susan and Randy's for a fun celebration with ALL the kiddos. Holli's triplets got to come out and play for the first time:) Chloe and Carson played so good together as always and had so much fun hunting eggs, playing in the bubbles and of course eating the candy! Next we went to my Mom's and Billy's for another fun Easter party. Carson hunted eggs again and was center of attention and loved it!! Thanks for everyone making our Easter so much fun...Carson had a blast!

Carson getting into his basket the Easter Bunny left him.

Hunting eggs at Grandmama's and Grandpa's

Hunting eggs with Chloe at Susan and Randy's

Chloe and Carson found one!

The "C" Teague's at Church

ALL 6 kiddos together at last!!!
(left to right)
Madison, Braydon, Jack (Holli and Mike's triplets)
Miss Chloe (Aimee and Brandon's)
Randi (Amber and Casey's)

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