Monday, September 28, 2009

White/Teague Lake Weekend

This past weekend the Teague's went up to the lake house with most of the White Family. Carson, Chloe and Randi had fun and we rented a boat on Saturday and the kids really liked it. Carson had the best time on the boat. He would smile, point at the water, wave at other boats and fed the ducks at the marina. He loved the boat ride part!!! Glad everyone got to come and we had another great weekend at the lake with the Teague/White Families!!

Chloe, Carson and Randi playing in the morning

Chloe and Carson--buddies

3 little cuties loving the boat ride!

Randi and Mommy Amber

Carson driving the boat with Daddy...he thought he was so big!

PaPa, Carson and Daddy! Look at Carson's smile!

Randi stays the night

Randi and Carson had a sleep over a few weekends ago. This is them in the morning playing on the train. Randi is the perfect size to fit in the caboose:) Carson is showing off his "cheeeeese"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Playing in the Yard with the Boys

Carson, Ethan and Logan had so much fun playing in the yard on the splash pad and kiddie pool! They would start at the fence and run and dive into the splash pad. Laughing the whole time:) Thanks Allison for having us all over and letting us enjoy your beautiful house!

Running to the splash pad

Diving on the splash pad

Going down the slide

Playing in the kiddie pool