Sunday, December 27, 2009

SANTA and Christmas Day!

Santa left presents for Carson and he was so excited. He kinda got into it more this year and I just know how much better and better it will get as he grows older:) He got up early and played with all his new toys all morning. That afternoon we went over to Jody and Dustin's to celebrate Christmas with my family and it was a really great time. Carson played really well and Dustin's family came over later to eat dinner with us.

Taking it all in at first...


Carson's first fishing rod and reel
(mommy got a pink one too!)

Trying out his new tools

Carson checking out the letter Santa left him and the half eaten cookie....then...
he decided to finish the cookie for Santa in his new beach/river/lake chair

Looking at his new swing set Santa left him.
Opening presents at Aunt JoJo's

The family Christmas picture...yes our husbands had to wear their sunglasses.

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Jody said...

I liked that both Dustin and Corey put on their sunglasses...studs!