Monday, March 29, 2010

Life with 2 precious boys

These are just a few pictures I wanted to post. We have been very busy welcoming our newest bundle of joy. He has been an amazing baby. I am not just a mom, he really is a good baby. Carson was so good and I never thought I could have 2 perfect babies but thank the good Lord I do! He sleeps 3 hours a time at night and has since he was born, and is just content doing anything I want him to do:)Colton also barley cries...not that he doesnt cry beacuse he can let some good ones out but calms really easily. Carson is doing so good with him too. I am so greatful for that! If Colton cries he will go over and say "it's ok and pat him", he gives him kisses and asks about him. It is amazing to watch him care for him.

We spent this last weekend at the river house. Karen and Roger had a little get-together for my 29th birthday! It was such a great time, we almost got blown away by the crazy wind but all survived and had fun! Thank you Karen and Roger for putting it together and also Mom for helping Karen with some of the food. I am so greatful to have such a great family!

My 3 boys!
Carson playing with his net Susan and Randy brought him.

My babies!! Colton's shirt says "Little Brother Colton" and Carson's says "Big Brother Carson"
Thank you Melanie for the shirts we love them!!

First time fishing at the river house with Daddy.


Dustin and Jody said...

we had a great time at the riverhouse too. i have some good pics to send you

Melanie said...

Love the shirts! Carson is such a ham! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun for your b-day!

Ashley and Chad said...

Really good pictures! You are blessed to have two good babies in a row. And lucky dog only 29 this year!!!!