Monday, June 21, 2010

Carson Starts Swimming Lessons

Today Carson started swimming lessons. I knew I wanted to enroll him but I searched for one that I didn't have to get in the water with him. Everytime we go swimming he clings to me and I knew it wouldn't work that way. I found a place that I didn't have to get in with him and it is indoors and with that skin that is a big PLUS! I was pretty nervous that he was going to freak out when we got there and not participate but boy was I wrong!! He was so good and I was so proud of him! He got in, swam around, listened to his teacher and jumped off the side. At times he was more interested in the cute little girl in his class but when it was his turn to try he did so good! We have the lessons everyday for 2 weeks so I will post another video at the end of the lessons.