Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July at the Lake

We took the kids to the lake house for the 4th of July this year. We had such a good time with great friends! Carson got to practice his swimming skills and Colton got into the lake for the first time. It was pretty cold for him so he didn't think it was as great as us. Luckily, we brought along my cousin Mollie and her friend Ally to help us with the infants. They were great and watched Colton so we could swim with Carson and friends. We had a firework show on Sunday night that was awesome! I found a great quote that is very appropriate for just celebrating the 4th of July that I would like to share with everyone:
"Freedom can only be won not given but it can be taken away and gone forever"
We won our freedom once let's not let it be taken away!


Sel and Andrew said...

Aw, looks like ya'll had a blast! Cute pics. Can't wait to go in a couple of weeks.

Ashley and Chad said...

Glad the water is up since we have the little ones. What a great idea about taking babysitters. I love the picture of you and Colton.