Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween we had a Orange Dragon and a Turtle.

Carson dreamed up his Halloween costume this year and after searching and searching for exactly what he wanted we had to finally ask my mom to make it! She did an amazing job and Carson loved his costume. THANKS MOM FOR SAVING HALLOWEEN!

My lil snapping turtle was not so excited for Halloween this year. He really would have been happier if we would have let him wear his own clothes and just eat the candy. The other stuff was too much work:)

Ethan hosted the Lesak's annual Pumpkin Carving party and it was lots of fun for all those kiddos! Kim had a great party with Halloween games, pumpkin carving, tons of food, and a pinata. Thanks Ethan for inviting us!
Every year Karen and Roger's street have a Hayride for the kids to Trick-or-Treat. They have it early so grandkids can come too. The kids had fun, Carson was the only one to last the whole time but all three kids decided it was more fun to ride on the 4-wheelers rather than the hay ride.

We have started a Halloween tradition of our own. We have all the kids over to our house to Trick-or Treat on actual Halloween. It is fun for them to all go together...hectic but fun! Here is all the kiddos getting ready to tear up some trick-or-treating.

Carson, Ethan, Madison, Colton, Bella, Randi, Sophie
(Kade and Kole were there too but Kade didn't want to take the picture)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Every year we go to the Pumpkin Patch at the church in Pearland. I just knew this year I was going to get some great pics since both the boys are getting older and I figured Carson would help keep Colton sitting in the right spot long enough for me to take a picture of the both of them....ha ha ha! I'm not sure if the BIG pumpkins scared him or he was just being moody but he was NOT having pictures, he would not let go of me and screamed if I tried to put him down so loud that everyone was staring at me. So I gave up and just took them of Carson. He was so cute this year, he wanted to take home all the pumpkins, and wanted to take tons of pictures. He is understanding that his mom loves pictures and it is probably easier to just go along with it:) Colton was fine once we got to the small pumpkins but would only do his silly smile. We have family pictures this Saturday so I am hoping he is great picture spirits!

Carson with the BIG pumpkin, look how he is pointing to it, lol

Colton finally joining in and loading some pumpkins in the wagon

This is his silly "CHHEEEEESSSSSEEEEE"

Carson has to get on the tractor every year, he loves it!

Look at my BABY! He looks so old sitting there, and look at his beautiful hair just glowing:)
This is my favorite picture of all, I love that laugh and catching it on camera is the best!

Until we got to the baby pumpkins I thought this was going to be my only shot of Colton...disaster!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Growing up on Lake Travis one thing was certain in my family... you were going to like the water, love to tube, know how to ski and spend all summer on the lake! Yep we did! So passing this love for the lake and fun on to my boys is PRICELESS. A few weekends back we went up the the lake with our neighbors and close friends The Breaux's. Carson as you should know is absolute best friends with Madison and Bella. This year Bella and Carson are in the same class at school and just today their teachers confirmed exactly what Brandi and I have been saying... those two just might get married one day, lol.

Back to the lake... on Saturday we rented a boat and my great friends at the boat rental place threw in a tube for us. Since Carson is sometimes a little scared of things I wasn't sure he was going to tube, but all 3 of the kids (Colton is still too young, and was moody cause he was teething) got on and HAD THE BEST TIME! The daddy's rode with them of course and they had to go again and again.

We had the best time at the lake with the Breaux's!

Carson, Bella and Corey on the Tube

Madison and Scott getting ready for a ride

Taking a snack break, tubing is hard work!

Colton and MommyCarson fell asleep driving...lol


So it's official....I am a soccer mom! And team mom as well. Didn't know that was all going to happen at age 3.5 but I guess we got to start somewhere:) Carson started playing soccer in September for Space City Futbol Club. First practice Corey was out of town so my mom went with me to help with Colton while I did snacks for the team. We were sitting there watching Carson and at one point I turned to my mom and said "is it just me being a mom or is he really good?!" I was so impressed at the soccer skills Carson naturally had! He did great and loves it so far. They are the Under 4 group so the really just practice for about 30 minutes then have little games. Most of them just run around but they are so cute to watch and Carson is doing really well!

Carson on the field with his friends

First day of practice. Looking like a Pro already:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun with Friends

We have had a summer full of fun! I have not posted in a while so here is 2 in 1! This past weekend we went to the lake with Amber, Casey, Randi, Kim, Tim and Ethan. We had a really great time. We rented a pontoon all day Saturday and took the kids out. They of course LOVE the pontoon boats. We swam, cruised and Sr. Capt Casey lead Apprentice Capt. Ethan into 2 huge tidal waves that crashed over the whole boat and all us. Saturday night we went to eat at the Gnarly Gar for dinner where the kids fed the catfish and ducks. As Ethan's calculations showed they were Mahi Catfish (as he told us). It is so great that the kids get along so well and have so much fun together. So many memories in the making.

Colton taking a snack break...of course snack time never ends for him!

Carson and Randi...BCFL (Best Cousins For Life)

Carson taking a swim with his turtle float

Best Buddies Ethan and Carson driving the boat

Over 4th of July weekend we rented a beach house with Amber, Casey, Randi, Kim, Tim, Ethan, Phil, Liz, and Kade. We had so much fun here too! The kids spent all days on the beach and had so much fun together. The boys got to fish and the girls go to tan!

Colton and Daddy take it all in

Isn't he a cutie!

Best Friends: Ethan, Carson and Randi playing on the boogie board

Trying to get a group picture with the kids...didn't happen:)

The C Teague Family on the beach

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kids, Fun, Kids

These are just some random pictures I wanted to share. The first two are me and the boys just playing in the backyard. Carson is the sweetest little guy in the world and will probably be the perfect boyfriend/husband one day if he continues on this track. He is always so caring; constantly checks on me, hugs me, kisses me and like in this picture brings me flowers. He is a MOMMA'S BOY! Colton is the little dare devil and we are going to have our hands full with him. Just look at that face, he knows he is cute and a little trouble maker....and can get away with it!

These are from a few weekends ago at the river house. We took our slide for the kids to play on and it was perfect to use up there. It was too windy to go to the beach so the slide was great ALL-DAY entertainment.

Carson and Randi- BFF'S


This is Randi using the restroom outside. I guess she wanted to be like the boys? I took the picture and told her I was going to show her first real boyfriend this picture:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Ducks New Home

Well we said goodbye to the ducks today. We took them out to my parents neighbors home who has a pond in their backyard. It is amazing how fast they grew and we enjoyed them while we had them but we think they will be much happier at their new home. Earl and Christine told the boys they could visit anytime they wanted. So long Jake the Drake and Penny we will miss yall!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet Penny and Jake the Drake

We added 2 new members to our family over Easter. Amber, Casey and Randi got the boys one ducks but then we read ducks are not happy alone and strongly encouraged at least 2 ducks so we made a trip to the feed store and got another one. Penny is the yellow duck and Jake the Drake is the black one. They boys have enjoyed them so much! When they get big enough we will release them to live happily in the wild but for now they are now apart of the C Teague family.

Penny and Jake the Drake on their first day with us.

Penny and Jake the Drake swimming in their paint trey pool.
(It was recommended that we let them swim in this because of the sloping "beach-like" entry, we have a pool for when they get bigger)

The boys playing in the yard with the ducks

Colton loves the ducks. He loves all animals. Carson loves the ducks too but only loves most animals from a distance.

This is a video of Colton playing with the ducks. Opps at the end when he grabs the duck though. No harm was done and the duck is fine.


Easter Sunday was great! We started the day with the boys seeing what the Easter Bunny left them. Carson was so funny this year. He got so excited about every little thing in that basket. You would have thought each items was worth a million bucks. To be that age again and view the world so simply. Colton liked opening his basket too. He was more interested in the eggs (that were empty) more than his actual gifts, but hey that is normal for a 14 month old right?!

We then headed out into the yard for our first round of egg hunting. Carson ran around and got every single one while Colton just wanted to hold on to 1. We then headed to church and met my mom and sister. Then over to my moms for lunch and then Karen's later. 3 egg huntings later somebunnies were some very happy but tired bunnies.

We had fun and I love how the boys enjoy the holidays. It is so warm to the heart:)