Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just my boys...

I needed to post some pics of just the event just everyday life for us:) I have felt so bad cause I don't feel like I have as many pictures of Colton as a baby as I have of Carson...of course second child. Believe me I am the second child and I know how it is:) Tons of pics of Jody and all the ones of me, well, they are actually me AND Jody. Love ya Mom but I completly understand. So here are some pics of Colton...

Colton is such a BIG boy. He is defiantly going to give Carson a run for his money one day, in fact he already does. Corey and I know he is going to be our football player. He tackles Carson with no fear at just 10 months. He has never been a babyfood baby. Carson would eat 3-4 jars a feeding but Colton wants nothing to do with it and has been eating "real" food even before he had teeth. Which he has 6 of now! Here he is eating spagetti o's and loved it:)
Colton is standing up on things but he has been doing this since he was about 8 months old. I just knew he was going to walk at 9 months, but nope still just standing and walking around things he can hold on to. This week he got moved up into the "Big Baby Room" (12-18mts) so I know he will be walking soon, he can't stand to sit back and watch others!

Colton is also such a happy and joyful baby. I know I have blogged this before but he truly is the perfect baby. Hardly ever crys, sleeps great, eats great, plays great and is so smart. We are so blessed to have such a perfect baby...especially for the second when we are chasing Carson around.

This was his first time to each Scott's (our neighbor, Madison and Bella's Daddy) gumbo. The Breaux's are from Baton Rouge and have become such good friends to us. We are so glad to have such great neighbors. Colton loved the gumbo and so did the rest of the family.

Just another one of Colton at 10 months. So cute and so happy!
Told yall I was making up for the lack of pictures.

Lastly, this is Madison and Bella. Carson's BFF's. They go to the same school and play together almost every day. They would never leave each others sides if we would let them. Just tonight when Brandi was getting ready to take the girls home Carson said "Mommy I want them to stay her with me". They play so good together and makes me think...four would be fine if it was this easy:)
I have been so bad at my blog since Colton was born so I have made it one of my New Year Resolutions. Better Blogger:) Now I have a lot more friends on here too with their blogs so I have to keep up. I love reading everyones blogs, seeing all the pics and keeping up to date on everyone. Keep it up everyone and I will too!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas!! This was a first for both boys. Colton's real first Christmas and Carson's first Christmas that he was really into Santa, the mystery of him, and preparing for his visit. Mommy and Daddy said a MILLION times "Santa is watching" when he was acting up. On the 23rd for the past 2 years we have gone to ride the Christmas Train. This year Carson's BFF's came along. Madison and Bella live next door and go to the same school as Carson and Colton. They truly are BFF's! They had so much fun on the train together.

On Christmas Eve, Carson spread out the reindeer food for Rudolph, baked cookies for Santa and wrote him a note with his wishes:) The next morning Carson was so taken in! It was so cute. Colton thinks everything is so neat so yes he loved Christmas too, although he has no idea yet:).

Oh and of course, Carson didn't even have his new truck out of the driveway and already had it full of 2 girls...trouble in the future??

Let's Play Catch up!

So I am way behind on my I am going to post everything at once:)

I never posted about Halloween. This year was a lot of fun for Carson. We had all his friends over to trick-or-treat. Can you believe all those babies!!!

In November Carson celebrated his 3rd Birthday...tear...we had his party at Jump N Jungle. He loves that place and all the kids had a really good time. Mom loved not having to clean up afterwards.

For Thanksgiving we decided to take the boys to the HEB Thanksgiving Day Parade. Carson had a really good time and it was a fun way to spend the morning as a family.