Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet Penny and Jake the Drake

We added 2 new members to our family over Easter. Amber, Casey and Randi got the boys one ducks but then we read ducks are not happy alone and strongly encouraged at least 2 ducks so we made a trip to the feed store and got another one. Penny is the yellow duck and Jake the Drake is the black one. They boys have enjoyed them so much! When they get big enough we will release them to live happily in the wild but for now they are now apart of the C Teague family.

Penny and Jake the Drake on their first day with us.

Penny and Jake the Drake swimming in their paint trey pool.
(It was recommended that we let them swim in this because of the sloping "beach-like" entry, we have a pool for when they get bigger)

The boys playing in the yard with the ducks

Colton loves the ducks. He loves all animals. Carson loves the ducks too but only loves most animals from a distance.

This is a video of Colton playing with the ducks. Opps at the end when he grabs the duck though. No harm was done and the duck is fine.


Easter Sunday was great! We started the day with the boys seeing what the Easter Bunny left them. Carson was so funny this year. He got so excited about every little thing in that basket. You would have thought each items was worth a million bucks. To be that age again and view the world so simply. Colton liked opening his basket too. He was more interested in the eggs (that were empty) more than his actual gifts, but hey that is normal for a 14 month old right?!

We then headed out into the yard for our first round of egg hunting. Carson ran around and got every single one while Colton just wanted to hold on to 1. We then headed to church and met my mom and sister. Then over to my moms for lunch and then Karen's later. 3 egg huntings later somebunnies were some very happy but tired bunnies.

We had fun and I love how the boys enjoy the holidays. It is so warm to the heart:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lake House

One of my favorite places to go is our lake house on Lake Travis. I have been going there since the summer I was born and every time I go I have this family, warm, relaxing feeling while I am there. There has been so many memories of my life there and I am so happy to be able to share that with my children in the same house!

One of the best things about the lake house is the deer that run freely. They come and eat in our yard and one time when I was in my early twenties I got a deer to eat out of my hands. We were at the house a few weeks ago and I took this video of Carson and Colton putting out deer corn and feeding the deer. If I could remember back to when I was 3 I am sure I acted the same way about the deer in the yard. It really is a special and amazing thing to feed them and have them in the yard. Carson loves it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Colton's First Haircut

Sunday we decided it was time for Colton to get a little trim. So we went to SportsClips and got Colton's first haircut. Carson got his hair cut while we were there too. Colton was so good. No crying until the end when she was doing around his ears so I had to hold his head but otherwise he just sat there and looked around and didn't mind a bit. Whewww. This was also a big deal for Carson since this was the first time he got his haircut that he didn't cause a scene! He got up in the chair all by himself, sat there without Corey or I near him followed the girls directions and was so BIG! Gosh I can't believe how big and independent he is getting...not sure I am ready for this! So proud of both my boys today!
The boys waiting their turn.

Sitting like a big boy...with no tears or screaming!

Eating the apron.

My handsome lil man with his new haircut!