Monday, April 11, 2011

Colton's First Haircut

Sunday we decided it was time for Colton to get a little trim. So we went to SportsClips and got Colton's first haircut. Carson got his hair cut while we were there too. Colton was so good. No crying until the end when she was doing around his ears so I had to hold his head but otherwise he just sat there and looked around and didn't mind a bit. Whewww. This was also a big deal for Carson since this was the first time he got his haircut that he didn't cause a scene! He got up in the chair all by himself, sat there without Corey or I near him followed the girls directions and was so BIG! Gosh I can't believe how big and independent he is getting...not sure I am ready for this! So proud of both my boys today!
The boys waiting their turn.

Sitting like a big boy...with no tears or screaming!

Eating the apron.

My handsome lil man with his new haircut!


The DenHartog Family said...

He's such a big boy now!! Looks like he did great for his first haircut. So cute!

Ashley and Chad said...

Man Colton is getting so big! We need to set up another playdate soon.