Thursday, April 28, 2011


Easter Sunday was great! We started the day with the boys seeing what the Easter Bunny left them. Carson was so funny this year. He got so excited about every little thing in that basket. You would have thought each items was worth a million bucks. To be that age again and view the world so simply. Colton liked opening his basket too. He was more interested in the eggs (that were empty) more than his actual gifts, but hey that is normal for a 14 month old right?!

We then headed out into the yard for our first round of egg hunting. Carson ran around and got every single one while Colton just wanted to hold on to 1. We then headed to church and met my mom and sister. Then over to my moms for lunch and then Karen's later. 3 egg huntings later somebunnies were some very happy but tired bunnies.

We had fun and I love how the boys enjoy the holidays. It is so warm to the heart:)

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Ashley and Chad said...

I love how happy they are in all the pictures.

Where did Carson get those cool slippers?