Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet Penny and Jake the Drake

We added 2 new members to our family over Easter. Amber, Casey and Randi got the boys one ducks but then we read ducks are not happy alone and strongly encouraged at least 2 ducks so we made a trip to the feed store and got another one. Penny is the yellow duck and Jake the Drake is the black one. They boys have enjoyed them so much! When they get big enough we will release them to live happily in the wild but for now they are now apart of the C Teague family.

Penny and Jake the Drake on their first day with us.

Penny and Jake the Drake swimming in their paint trey pool.
(It was recommended that we let them swim in this because of the sloping "beach-like" entry, we have a pool for when they get bigger)

The boys playing in the yard with the ducks

Colton loves the ducks. He loves all animals. Carson loves the ducks too but only loves most animals from a distance.

This is a video of Colton playing with the ducks. Opps at the end when he grabs the duck though. No harm was done and the duck is fine.

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Ashley and Chad said...

I posted on here before but I guess it got deleted when Blogger was having problems.

The ducks are too cute and I will tell you the same thing I told Amber-you guys are crazy!