Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun with Friends

We have had a summer full of fun! I have not posted in a while so here is 2 in 1! This past weekend we went to the lake with Amber, Casey, Randi, Kim, Tim and Ethan. We had a really great time. We rented a pontoon all day Saturday and took the kids out. They of course LOVE the pontoon boats. We swam, cruised and Sr. Capt Casey lead Apprentice Capt. Ethan into 2 huge tidal waves that crashed over the whole boat and all us. Saturday night we went to eat at the Gnarly Gar for dinner where the kids fed the catfish and ducks. As Ethan's calculations showed they were Mahi Catfish (as he told us). It is so great that the kids get along so well and have so much fun together. So many memories in the making.

Colton taking a snack break...of course snack time never ends for him!

Carson and Randi...BCFL (Best Cousins For Life)

Carson taking a swim with his turtle float

Best Buddies Ethan and Carson driving the boat

Over 4th of July weekend we rented a beach house with Amber, Casey, Randi, Kim, Tim, Ethan, Phil, Liz, and Kade. We had so much fun here too! The kids spent all days on the beach and had so much fun together. The boys got to fish and the girls go to tan!

Colton and Daddy take it all in

Isn't he a cutie!

Best Friends: Ethan, Carson and Randi playing on the boogie board

Trying to get a group picture with the kids...didn't happen:)

The C Teague Family on the beach