Friday, October 7, 2011


So it's official....I am a soccer mom! And team mom as well. Didn't know that was all going to happen at age 3.5 but I guess we got to start somewhere:) Carson started playing soccer in September for Space City Futbol Club. First practice Corey was out of town so my mom went with me to help with Colton while I did snacks for the team. We were sitting there watching Carson and at one point I turned to my mom and said "is it just me being a mom or is he really good?!" I was so impressed at the soccer skills Carson naturally had! He did great and loves it so far. They are the Under 4 group so the really just practice for about 30 minutes then have little games. Most of them just run around but they are so cute to watch and Carson is doing really well!

Carson on the field with his friends

First day of practice. Looking like a Pro already:)

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