Friday, October 7, 2011


Growing up on Lake Travis one thing was certain in my family... you were going to like the water, love to tube, know how to ski and spend all summer on the lake! Yep we did! So passing this love for the lake and fun on to my boys is PRICELESS. A few weekends back we went up the the lake with our neighbors and close friends The Breaux's. Carson as you should know is absolute best friends with Madison and Bella. This year Bella and Carson are in the same class at school and just today their teachers confirmed exactly what Brandi and I have been saying... those two just might get married one day, lol.

Back to the lake... on Saturday we rented a boat and my great friends at the boat rental place threw in a tube for us. Since Carson is sometimes a little scared of things I wasn't sure he was going to tube, but all 3 of the kids (Colton is still too young, and was moody cause he was teething) got on and HAD THE BEST TIME! The daddy's rode with them of course and they had to go again and again.

We had the best time at the lake with the Breaux's!

Carson, Bella and Corey on the Tube

Madison and Scott getting ready for a ride

Taking a snack break, tubing is hard work!

Colton and MommyCarson fell asleep

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