Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween we had a Orange Dragon and a Turtle.

Carson dreamed up his Halloween costume this year and after searching and searching for exactly what he wanted we had to finally ask my mom to make it! She did an amazing job and Carson loved his costume. THANKS MOM FOR SAVING HALLOWEEN!

My lil snapping turtle was not so excited for Halloween this year. He really would have been happier if we would have let him wear his own clothes and just eat the candy. The other stuff was too much work:)

Ethan hosted the Lesak's annual Pumpkin Carving party and it was lots of fun for all those kiddos! Kim had a great party with Halloween games, pumpkin carving, tons of food, and a pinata. Thanks Ethan for inviting us!
Every year Karen and Roger's street have a Hayride for the kids to Trick-or-Treat. They have it early so grandkids can come too. The kids had fun, Carson was the only one to last the whole time but all three kids decided it was more fun to ride on the 4-wheelers rather than the hay ride.

We have started a Halloween tradition of our own. We have all the kids over to our house to Trick-or Treat on actual Halloween. It is fun for them to all go together...hectic but fun! Here is all the kiddos getting ready to tear up some trick-or-treating.

Carson, Ethan, Madison, Colton, Bella, Randi, Sophie
(Kade and Kole were there too but Kade didn't want to take the picture)

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Ashley and Chad said...

Looks like you guys have been super busy! They look so cute in their costumes. (And watch out Aunt Kathy you may have to make a ton of costumes next year.)

She did a great job.