Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have so much to post! So I am going to limit it to just the past couple of months. First, we moved back to Pearland! Corey and I really never thought we would move back to Pearland but ever since we started the whole process it felt very natural and home-like. We both love being here. We run into people we know everywhere we go and I think it gives me that "home-town" feel I really love. We are also close to my sister and her family and several friends. Although it was sad to move from our very close friends and neighbors, this opened doors for them too and they moved too:)
Of course if you know Corey and I you know we have to change things in every house we live in:) We have already changed out the 80's and unsafe stairs, added a half wall and moved the boys doors back and have many other things in our plans.
Next, Carson has started Pearland Little League! He is playing ITB (instructional tee-ball) and liking it so far. It is great cause Corey and Carson have been able to do this together. He is so cute and although all the flowers are picked in the fields he says he likes it too. We have games every Saturday at the Dad's Club so email me for the schedule if you want to come.
Now for the little monster...Colton is so funny he is the cutest, craziest, clever, ad testing child. He can make you so mad and then in literaly 1 sec have you dying laughing. He is very clever for a 2 year old...yes he just turned 2! I can't believe it!! How did my baby turn 2!? Here is a piture of him at age 2 holding his picture at age 1. Look how much he had grown!
We recently had his birthday party and he had so much fun. We rented a castle jump house with a dragon on top and it was a HIT with the kids. They played on that thing for hours...yes hours since we had it from Friday till Monday. We had to force Colton to get out to open presents and I had to ask him 4 times to get out to do cake. And we all know how much this kid loves "birthday" which is what he calles cake. Here are some pics of the party. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrate our precious baby...no big boy!
Lastly, we took the boys to their first Rodeo performance this year. Carson has been to the Rodeo before but never a concert. This year when he heard me say Zac Brown Band was going to be there he was so excited and wanted to go so bad. So our great friends Kim and Tim have season tickets and offered us tickets to the show. We were so ready! We ended up planning a day of it and Karen, Roger, Amber, Casey and Randi joined us for all the activities. Then we met up with Kim and Ethan later for the Rodeo and concert. It was tiring but so worth it cause the boys really likedd it and Carson told me three times " remember when they played knee deep as the first song, that was my favorite part". He had a blast.


Dustin and Jody said...

The pic of the 3 kids on the bench is really cute.

Melanie said...

Love the new house!!!! Carson looks so grown up all geared up for T-ball and Colton is adorable! Miss yall!