Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! The boys and I were spoiled as usual this Valentine's Day.
The boys gifts
They boys waking up to the gifts...Funny thing was that I went to put their gifts out before I went to bed (10 pm) the night before. Of course as soon as I get everything out and on the table who comes out of his room looking for me! Carson! So somehow I got him to go back to bed and he would get to see the stuff in the morning. Not sure how I made that happen but somehow I did:)

Of course my Candy- Monster was more interested in the candy than the toys...the 2 boys could not be more opposite! Colton loved this giant Hersey Kiss and gnawed on it for days...his and Carson's

These were my goodies for Valentines Day. Gel nail dryer, gel nails polish and bullets...of course who doesn't ask for bullets for Valentine's Day (he is so romantic) lol. But I did also make all the girls at work jealous with my 2 dozen roses delivery:)

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